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Educational App Maker Fingerprint Gains Two Additional Mobile-Education Companies

Kids App Giant Gains Two More Mobile-Education Companies

Fingerprint, the children’s app creator that received $10.9 million in funding from Dreamworks, is already putting the money towards acquiring two more mobile educational companies.

Cognitive Kid and Scribble Press were acquired by the company yesterday reported Sarah Perez of TechCruch.

“With the new additions, Fingerprint’s library of kids’ apps is now at 800 – or 10 times larger than it was last year.”

Fingerprint is based in San Francisco and is headed by Nancy MacIntyre, former executive of Leapfrog. The company is creating a larger network of possibilities with their new acquisitions and according to Perez, Fingerprint also has their hand in a number of other educational networks.

“Fingerprint today runs its own kids’ app network, Fingerprint Play, but also powers networks for other third parties, including Samsung (KidsTime), Sylvan Learning (SylvanPlay) and Astro (AstroPlay),” reports Perez. “It’s also planning to build a network for educational media company Cricket Media, and has other partnerships with new investors in the works.”

Having a large platform such as this can become very advantageous for students and teachers who are looking for new, innovative tools to use in and out of the classroom. As students and teachers turn more towards technology as aids in the classroom, companies like Fingerprint can be the helping hand when it comes to developing them.

“Today’s deal for Scribble Press and Cognitive Kid are focused on bringing educational and productive content to Fingerprint’s network,” according to the article.

“The former, Scribble Press, launched in 2011 and offers a digital book-making product that’s been used in over 25,000 classrooms by children ages 6 to 12, and has produced over 3 million books which kids build using text, art, soundtracks and more. Meanwhile, Cognitive Kid offers seven apps that teach kids on a variety of subjects including history, math, dinosaurs and more.”

The company says they are looking to acquire even more companies to further increase the size of their company, and with that comes the ability to tweak apps they own and develop some for study areas that may not have any as yet.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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