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Education World STEM News Round Up

As the holiday season kicks in, STEM news around the United States slows down, but there is still no shortage of amazing learning in the works.

This week, innovative teaching is occurring from Massachusetts to California. We see teachers and school districts being awarded and recognized for creative approaches to teaching technology and science, as well as organizations taking the initiative with new STEM-centric infrastructures.

The future of STEM looks bright, indeed.

MIT Creates New STEM Concept Videos

The Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) at MIT created 47 videos to help students connect with STEM concepts. The videos are aimed to be used by students to prepare for a class or exam, or by teachers as a supplement to classroom instruction. The videos utilize animation and other visualizations to answer questions like “Why is the concept of divergence useful to researchers designing helmets to protect soldiers from the shockwaves of explosions?” Read the full story.


Students Use BMX Bikes to Learn Technology

A school in Edison, New York has integrated BMX bicycles into its STEM curriculum. Middle school students engage in sixteen 46 minute lessons where they learn how to construct BMX bikes and try experiments with them. They will assemble and disassemble the bikes, conduct safety checks, measure the circumference of tires, and more. The goal of the lessons is to introduce alternative methods to learning “inquiry, problem solving, and collaboration.” Read the full story.


Iowa Announced As First State to Establish Official STEM Mentor ‘Infrastructure’

The state of Iowa created a public-private partnership to recruit mentors who will encourage young woman in STEM fields. Volunteer mentors are asked to contribute 20 hours over the course of a year. Edie Fraser, the CEO of STEMconnector, is leading a national movement to recruit one million mentors, and she is proud of Iowa for being the first state to announce this type of infrastructure. Read the full story.


Missouri Teacher Receives STEM Educator Award

Garrett Lowder, a teacher at John Thomas School of Discovery in Nixa, MI, was selected as one of the 2014 STEM Educator Award winners. “The award recognizes those who develop and deliver innovative educational practices to inspire and engage students in STEM education,” writes the Springfield News-Leader. Lowder is recognized for establishing a project-based way of learning ecosystems and sustainability geared toward elementary students. Read the full story.


Grant Improves Weather-STEM Programs in California Schools

The Leon County Schools Foundation in California gave the district a $40,000 grant to create more weather-related STEM courses. The money will be used to upgrade and enhance weather centers and teach students how to read and improve data at the stations. Read the full story.

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Compiled by Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor


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