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Education Expert Shares Ideas to Empower Parents for Optimal Student Achievement

Education Expert Shares Ideas to Empower Parents for Optimal Student Achievement

Part of why the teaching profession is so difficult is because making sure kids are getting the most out of their education stretches far beyond the classroom walls.

In order to ensure student success, part of the teacher’s job is to facilitate communication between parents to make sure students continue learning at home.

Becky Nider, Kansas Reading Roadmap (KRR) Manager and FAST Team Member at Onaga Elementary School in Kansas shared with ASCD Smartbrief Education some ideas for how teachers can create a “vibrant, engaged parent community.”

First off, Nider says that empowering all parents is crucial to ensuring the proper education of all students. While some parents are more hesitant or anxious about communicating than others, Nider says it’s critical that educators "help to allay fears by encouraging parent inclusion and empowerment.”

"Think of parents as the first teacher in their child’s education. From there, help them see what’s happening inside the classroom while also helping them understand what the homework is and why it’s important for their child to complete.”

On this same note, Nider says it’s important to “leave judgment at the door.” Every family is diverse and will have a different set of experiences, and Nider says it is imperative that “the school... embrace what brings the family together through proactive engagement and education.”

"By regularly engaging with parents, we’re holding families more accountable to learn and understand what their kids are doing in the classroom – and to step in when necessary. Becoming an active member the program, parents meet other parents that have similar concerns and questions, and it allows for a safe place for parents to voice their opinions and concerns with other parents and teachers.”

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor

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