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Education Company, Parents’ Group Offer List of Best Gifts to Inspire Kids in Career Areas

Education Company and Parents’ Foundation Compile List of Best Gifts to Inspire Kids in Career Areas

Educational company Noodle and the Parents’ Choice Foundation have partnered-up to create a list of nearly 60 educational toys for children ages 2-16 to help inspire future children in a variety of career areas.

"Many may dismiss these aspirations as childhood fancy, but studies have shown that the interests we have as kids influence our future occupations, with as many as one-third of people eventually choosing a related field,” Noodle said in a statement.

Its list has curated toys for nine occupational areas across subject areas, covering everything from art to cooking, architecture, science, filmmaking, and more.

“[I[f a kid loves play-acting, then he or she might have a future career as a filmmaker or even stunt double, two of the more nontraditional occupations to make this year's exciting list. Recommended toys and games include a backyard zip line (for the kid eyeing a future as a Ninja warrior), a book-creation tool (for a young Judy Blume-in-the-making), a creativity kit (for your future Picasso), and a home physics lab (for your pint-sized Neil deGrasse Tyson).”

Noodle says the Guide to Educational Toys for Kids helps parents prepare to help kids “...develop skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving — which will serve them well as adults in any occupation.” For each toy, the list provides a description, pricing information, and age ranges to make shopping even easier for the purchaser.

Find out more about Noodle’s Guide to Educational Toys for Kids here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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