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Education Coach: How to Grow From Wanted, Unwanted Feedback

Education Coach: How to Grow From Wanted, Unwanted Feedback

It is common for teachers to give others feedback, whether this feedback is directed to students or to other teachers. When receiving feedback, it is important to take any tips and grow and learn from them.

Naphtali Hoff, executive coach and former educator offers tips to help teachers respond to unwanted feedback and use them to improve as leaders and educators in an article on

"Almost every critique can teach us something powerful about ourselves," Hoff said. "When an attribute or behavior is singled out, let me assure you that there’s at least some kernel of truth in what’s being said. Doing something about that issue, including finding out what’s concerning people and taking steps to improve in that area, will serve you long into the future."

Hoff tells readers to remember at the end of the day that "it's all about the children," and teachers "should be prepared to do whatever we can to give the children the best possible learning experience."

Hoff then offers five tips on how teachers can handle unwanted feedback positively and effectively. The first tip is to "respond carefully."

"Try to avoid sounding defensive," he said. "Leave your ego to the side and accept warranted concerns as well as viable advice. If you are unsure about the validity of feedback or what to do with it, ask for time to respond. Make sure to get back to the other party in a timely fashion and with a real game plan (see below). Ask for feedback about the plan."

Another tip is to "do something."

"This may be the hardest part," he said. "No one likes to change, especially if we already have a plan in place and are well along in its execution. Seek to identify, alone or with a trusted confidant or coach, a set of actions that can help you grow as a leader. Then make sure to get back with the concerned party about what you have decided so that they feel validated and also do not add more grist to the mill."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor 

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