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KS Waivers for Innovative Schools Prompt Constitutional Concerns

Education Board Overlooks Constitutional Concerns In Waivers For Innovative Schools

Photo courtesy of Dylan Edwards

In Topeka, KS, the State Board of Education unanimously approved waivers in two schools districts that would exempt their new, "innovative" schools from typical state laws and regulations. The approval could, however, be deemed unconstitutional, reported

The waivers would give the state Board of Education direct oversight over the coalition board, which is then expected to use its discretion to make decisions about school functioning. 

"I have to give them credit," board member Jim McNiece told "They've done a great job in their districts and I think they feel a great responsibility for the future, that the innovative coalition board does not beome a board that works outside the authority and oversight of the state board."

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Article by Navindra Persaud, EducationWorld Contributor


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