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EdTechMagazine Compiles 50 Essential Must-Read K-12 Blogs

It’s hard to be able to take every education technology blog on the Internet seriously. Weeding through those who have had first-hand experience and knowledge about ed-tech (and those who might not) is a difficult task. A new list of “50 Must-Read K-12 IT Blogs” provides a comprehensive list of all the top blogs that exist to make an educator's or parent's life easier.

“The world of educational technology can be intimidating,” says Frank Smith of EdTechMagazine.

“Bloggers help make sense of this ever-changing industry with wit, insight and tactical advice. EdTech is proud to recognize this latest crop of the top K–12 IT bloggers. This year's 50 entries are a mix of veterans from years past, fresh picks by our editorial staff and nominations from readers.”

The goal of the list was to highlight educators and experts in the field, hoping to make it a lot less intimidating for those looking for more information on the growing sector of education technology.

Classrooms are being flooded with tablets, laptops, and e-readers that are geared toward making learning and teaching easier. They also serve to provide students with essential STEM skills. While many are aware of what ed-tech is “supposed to do” in theory, how it's done in the classroom is not always made clear to parents and educators.

Among those that have made the list are, 21st Century EdTech, A Principal’s Reflections, EdTech Team, EdTechnocation, iLearn Technology, Indiana Jen and Innovative Educator.

“From innovative teachers to statewide school tech directors and technology departments at individual schools, this year's list is EdTech's most diverse ever,” says Smith.

From STEM tips to instructional technology tricks, the list contains all of the necessary tools that educators need to provide their students with the best learning on the newest technologies.

To identify these particular blogs in general browsing, EdTechMagazine has created a badge these sites can use to show readers that they are reliable sources.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor.

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