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EdTech Company Expands Web Series to K-5 to Help All K-12 Students Learn Common Core

EdTech Company Expands Web Series to K-5 to Help All K-12 Students Learn Common Core

EdTech company Flocabularly has created a resource for the classroom that could change the way students learn Common Core- the Week in Rap web series that is now designed for all K-12 grade levels.

The company recently created Week in Rap Junior to supplement its original 5-12 web series so now the K-5 grades can learn using the resource, as well.

"Flocabulary blends creativity with pedagogy and technology. The company's specialty is online hip-hop videos with a focus on core subjects, with lyrics written by performing artists and disc jockeys," said EdTech Magazine.

The videos feature " a music-video-style tour of current events that integrates skills in reading and writing, analyzation, nonfiction reading and critical thinking to help students meet Common Core State Standards’ objectives"

Each video comes with a quiz to help reinforce the content learned ,too.

Flocabulary Curriculum Director Emily Helfgot told EdTech Magazine the web series was designed to help teachers teach Common Core standards without focusing so heavily on strictly math and science like many resources tend to do.

"'It's helping to bridge the gap between, for example, social studies and science content...And kids just devour it,'" she said, according to the article.

Flocabularly is seeking to further expand its influence in the classroom through Open Education Resources (OERs,) a resources that are being used more and more that are frequently teacher-written to help peers learn what works in the classroom.

For teachers interested in using Flocabularly's videos in their classroom, digital subscriptions are available online with teacher, school, and district purchasing options. Check that out here

Read the full article here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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