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Edsix Brain Lab Gets Backing From Sprout Angels

Educational gaming company Edsix Brain Lab is receiving funding from Sprout Angels, which could mean bigger things ahead for the start-up company.

"The current round of angel investment will play a pivotal role in moving the startup into the next orbit and fueling the next phase of their growth," said Vipul Patel, associate vice president, CIIE, according to the Economic Times.

Edsix Brain Lab is looking to venture into a bigger market and added investments in the development of educational games that develop cognitive skills, teach real-life concepts and supplement K-12 curriculum.

One of the products include “Skill Angels,” a multilingual platform that includes Indian regional languages according to the Economic Times report.

"We find the product developed by Edsix Lab to have global potential. We expect to see this company grow leaps and bounds," said Abhaya Kumar, chief advisor, Sprout Angels LLP, according to the article.

"We aim to expand our services in the B2C segment, enhance technology platform and B2B integration," said Saravanan Sundaramoorthy, founder and CEO of Edsix Brain Lab.

While the company remains small for the time being, they aim to reach out to a wider audience. So far the “Skill Angels” product has been able to reach 15,000 students. The company has developed 500 games according to the article and they aim to make sure students all over are able to use them to develop important real life skills for the future.

STEM funding for blended classrooms and the implementation of technology has spurred many start-ups like Edsix Brain Labs and while it’s hard for many to find funding, in some cases companies with a great product geared directly towards the students growth and development seem to be the ones that are coming out on top.

There is no word on where and when the company plans to distribute their technology but getting the backing they need looks to be a positive start.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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