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EdmodoCon 2015 Preview: Speakers, Digital Learning Topics & More

EdmodoCon will present a full day of professional development and learning inspiration this summer. In its fifth year, EdmodoCon helps teachers navigate the digital learning environment, and introduces them to new ideas and tools to improve student learning.

Last year, more than 44,000 educators from 172 countries registered to virtually attend.

This year, Edmodo welcomes Michael Horn, co-founder and executive director of education at the Clayton Christensen Institute, as the closing keynote, during which he’ll discuss how educators can design blended learning environments and harness its benefits—personalization, access, and equity at scale—to unleash student achievement. 

"We'll have a lot more access to great hardware—computers, smart phones, tablets; maybe even wearables like glasses and watches,” said Edmodo CEO Vibhu Mittal, when asked where he saw the future of EdTech in five years.

“We'll have better connectivity to the Internet. None of these, on their own, will make a big difference in educational outcomes.”

Mittal told Education World that teachers will make the big difference in the outcomes.

“Augmented with larger quantities of higher quality, easily accessible content. Peer and mentor networks that help motivate users and guide them. The ability to find, discuss and share content, ideas and plans. The ability to plan personalized paths through a thicket of information and resources."

Mittal is also set to deliver a keynote and unveil this year’s Edmodie Award winners, followed by eight teacher-led sessions on innovative ways to integrate technology in the classroom. 

“Our goal has always been to craft a program that delivers actionable insights educators can walk away with and leverage in their planning for the next school year,” said Mittal.

“We’re excited for how this year’s event will empower educators to further enhance the student learning experience.”

The event will also be free and live-streamed for the entire 10-hour duration, featuring teachers and education influencers who showcase the creative ways they use Edmodo and other digital tools. Below are some previews from most of the speakers featured at this year’s event.

Event Preview

Kari Salomon, Hull Middle School, Duluth, GA"Through science education and technology, I teach students how to develop their ideas into viable projects and share them with peers. My presentation will focus on how teachers can create a multi-disciplinary approach in their classroom by implementing strategies around structuring research and formatting discussions." 

Teresa Perles, Alfa y Omega, Denia, Spain: "I'm excited to be presenting the only Spanish session this year at EdmodoCon. I've been using Edmodo for the past 4 years, and I can't wait to share with other educators the ways in which I've discovered how to differentiate and scaffold teaching in my classroom."

Randy Fairfield, Three Rivers HomeLink, Richland, WA: "I've spent a great part of my career teaching in diverse student populations and one thing I've realized is never to underestimate the power of a supportive classroom environment. My presentation at EdmodoCon concerns how to use Edmodo in a personalized way to help students succeed."

Kathy Pittinger, Lakeland Elementary, Lewisville, TX: "Cross-cultural collaboration is becoming increasingly important in our globalized world. In my presentation, I will share how the creative use of Edmodo has assisted me in broadening cultural awareness among my Burmese, Hispanic and English-speaking elementary students."

John Choins, Midway Middle School, Hewitt, TX: "I am a strong advocate for the proper use of technology in the classroom to transform the teaching and learning process. I decided to flip my classroom last year, and based on the positive effects, will never go back to the traditional way of teaching again. I will be sharing my learnings at EdmodoCon." 

Laura Murphy, Charles Pinckney Elementary, Mount Pleasant, SC: "I aim to instill a love of learning in my students that they will carry with them through life. One way I've done that is by connecting my English students with authors of books we read from around the world to enhance the lesson. I can't wait to share with teachers how this has transformed the culture in my class!"

Adam Seldow on the “21st Century Thought Leaders: Defining Today’s Learner” panel session: "21st century learners have access to a world of information in an instant. How does this change how we guide their learning? During our panel, we will explore successful examples of student engagement and teacher professional development in a blended learning environment."

The event is scheduled for August 4 just before the summer ends and it’s time to head back to work for educators.

Are you going to the event? Share the news in the comments below.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor



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