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EdTech Growth Doesn't Stop K-12 Textbook Demand

Ed-Tech Growth Doesn't Stop K-12 Textbook Demand

According to a recent study, print accounts for 70 percent of the country's PreK-12 learning materials despite the growing trend of technology use and integration in the classroom.

The study, conducted by Stamford, CT based market research firm Simba Information, discovered that even though the sale of print materials has steadily declined over the past decade, it "still exceed[s] digital content sales," according to an article on

Despite many teachers reportedly using digital services in their classrooms, there are several obstacles they face to fully turn digital. The article said:

According to Sean Cavanagh of Education Week, many school districts cannot afford to purchase tablets, computers, and other devices to provide tech-based content. They also worry about the time needed to train teachers on how to use the technology and apply it in classrooms. Cavanagh also reported that some districts claimed lacking the necessary Internet bandwidth to provide for their students

However, this is not to say that digital services won't continue to grow in the education industry. In three years, the study found that 84 percent of school technical officials believe half of instruction materials will be digitally based.

As it stands, according to the firm's study, digital sales only account for thirty percent of all learning material sales, but it's important to note that 90 percents of teachers that participated in the survey said they used some form of digital materials.

Though education technology is certainly a booming market and finding its place in the classroom, print is not dead.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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