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EdTech Companies Reach Funding Heights in 2014

Ed Tech Companies Funding Heights

Education technology is a key factor in the forefront of student’s development and the good news is EdTech companies were among some of the highest funded in 2014.


“According to an EdSurge analysis that broke down the 2014 ed tech investments into five categories, 60 investments worth $394 million were classified as products for postsecondary students and institutions,” according to Keith Button of EducationDive. “The K-12 school operations category had 30 investments worth $144 million.”


Companies such as Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace designed to make it easy for teachers to buy and sell tools and materials they use in the classroom, are the beneficiaries of EdTech funding.


“The New York company, launched in 2006 and has had 22 million exchanges worth $86 million, including $45 million worth of original content moving in 2013,” reported Button.


Marketplaces like Teachers Pay Teachers are important for instructors because it can help unify the countries educators so that they can learn what works in their respective classrooms.


 “Altschool, a 2013 startup aimed at innovations in K-8 education, raised $33 million in March,” reported Button.


Google executive Max Ventilla founded Altschool according to the artcle, Ventilla wanted to make “disruptive” advancements in elementary school education with a concentration on reading and math skills.


In today’s global society, being able to speak a second language will prove to be quite helpful for students. Duolingo is one of those companies that can help students and anyone who is seeking to learn a second language.


The online learning platform raised $20 million from investors in February according to Buttons. Its effectiveness is proven by the 60 million users who as of 2014, were able to take a certification proficiency test.


Education tech companies are at the forefront of learning and the amount of funding in 2014 proves that it is of importance to investors. 2015 may be another big year if the trend continues for these tools.


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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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