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EdTech Companies See a Surge in Female Staff

While gender equality and the rise of education technology is mostly discussed for the younger generation, it looks like EdTech could be responsible for a surge in representation for women in the tech industry today.

“Education technology is a rapidly growing field, with funding hitting close to $2 billion last year, and a growing ecosystem of tech incubators,” reports Sonali Kohli of Quartz. “But unlike in much of the male-dominated startup world, women have considerable representation in three major US EdTech incubators--Imagine K12, LearnLaunch, and the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator.  

The companies listed above account for a large number of technological tools, assessments and curriculum aid for K-12 learning and women are gaining more representation in each.

“Altogether, 30.5% of the companies in these three incubators have female founders on their teams,” according to Kohli.

“As the field of EdTech has seen more attention from investors, the number of women in the incubators has also grown,” said Imagine K12 director Karen Lien, in the Quartz article.

The struggle to increase the gender equality in the Silicon Valley is much like the push to engage younger girls to get involved in STEM geared courses. In order to reach a greater deal of equality the interest needs to be generated among them as well and they may be more willing to do so if they have role models, such as those working in the ed tech industry.

“We are happy to have women founders in our cohorts,” Lien told Quartz. “It has happened naturally, without changing our selection process.”

Lien also told Quartz that Imagine K12 encourages ideas from teachers. It’s important to consider as teachers as they are the individuals with the most hands on experience in the classroom.

As the rise of education technology continues the public is beginning to see issues that may not be directly correlated being drawn in. In an age where gender equality is being pushed heavily, the EdTech market looks to be listening to the gender equality needs.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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