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Dropbox Permeates K-12 Education Sphere with Blackboard Partnership

Dropbox Permeates K-12 Education Sphere with Blackboard Partnership

Since forming Dropbox Education in May, the cloud file-sharing service had previously targeted its services at colleges and universities.

Now, a new partnership between Dropbox and Blackboard will help the service expand its education influence by exposing it to users in K-12 schools, as well.

For K-12 schools that currently use the learning management system Blackboard Learn, ZDNet says the new integration of Dropbox will help students collaborate on projects and submit them to Blackboard using the service.

Dropbox is hoping that the convenience of the product integration will help it continue its mission of expanding its influence in education.

After all, convenience is the main goal.

With the integration, “[a]ll the class materials can go into Dropbox, but students accessing the files won't need to leave the Blackboard Learn experience -- Dropbox will be integrated right into the software, without the need to jump to a separate website or app,” said Engadget.

Teachers, if your school uses Blackboard Learn, you can expect to begin using Dropbox for sharing and storage now.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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