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Do Charter Schools Need Better Oversight?

Do Charter Schools Need Better Oversight?

As more parents enroll children in these independent schools, the issue of oversight becomes a concern. USA Today posed this question to readers via Twitter and Facebook, and received a number of responses. Here are a few examples:

On Twitter, @IOWHtwn said, "Charter schools are our last hope for parents who can't afford private schools. Public schools keep asking for money and misappropriating it."

Bill Johnson, on Facebook, said, "Both of my kids attend a public charter high school. The academic results speak for themselves. The academic test scores are higher than other high schools. Also, teachers are in line to apply to our charter because they have control over the class. Juvenile delinquents get booted out, and good students don't have to put up with them. What is wrong with people having a choice?"

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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