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District's Home School Program Serves as Alternative Route to Education

District's Home School Program Serves as Alternative Route to Education for K-12 Students

A California school district is providing families with an alternative route to traditional education by offering a program that facilitates home schooling.

In Desert Sands Unified School District, programs like Horizon K-8 Home School help families who want to home school their children.

The program serves as support for parents, providing them with the tools they need to successfully teach their children. "Parents check out and use district-adopted textbooks and curriculum," and "attend a once-per-week meeting with one of the two Home School staff members," according at an article from The Desert Sun.

The district recognizes that all families are different, and some need more flexibility when it comes to education. As a result, the home schooling program allows "families to travel, serve within their community, and better control their environment," according to the article.

"Most of us own a 'one size fits all' cap, pair of gloves or socks. For some students, this approach does not work with regard to education," said Rudy Wilson, principal of Horizon Home School.

The program has a limited number of students it can accept, so parents interested must go through an interview process to ensure its the program is right for their family.

Wilson is also principal for Summit High School, another alternative education program. Summit High School is a "continuation high school" where students "either accelerate their high school diploma or catch up on their credits and return to their regular comprehensive school," according to the article.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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