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Discovery Education Unveils Math 'Techbook'

Discovery Education Unveils Math 'Techbook'

Discovery Education has announced the launch of a new Math Techbook for Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Integrated Math. 

The Math Techbook "transforms the way students and teachers experience math through engaging instructional strategies and real-world problems that motivate and excite students with diverse learning styles," according to a press release.

"The new Discovery Education Math Techbook vividly illustrates the relevance and importance of math in students' everyday lives," said Jeffery Baugus, Dean of Students and Math Department Chair at Woodlawn Beach Middle School in Florida's Santa Rosa County School District in the release. "This innovative digital textbook immediately engages students in instruction, and provides all the content and tools I need to create a modern digital learning environment that fosters deeper, lasting understanding of math concepts."

According to the release, "Math Techbook's innovative all-in-one design saves teachers time with model lessons, a wide array of real-world problems and teacher notes."

"The notes include tips for classroom discussion, as well as ways to demonstrate mathematical practices," the release said. "In addition, Math Techbook features the newest generation of technology enhanced items and formative assessments throughout the instructional cycle that will help prepare students for high-stakes assessments. Real-time feedback and easy-to-read data on the Teacher Dashboard make it easier to differentiate instruction and support the success of each learner."

Discover Education, the article said, "provides each educator using the Math Techbook customized, job-embedded professional development. This professional development not only helps educators explore the engaging resources embedded in Discovery Education Math Techbook, but also provides the strategies needed to engage students in inquiry-based instruction, math investigations, and collaborative, real-world problem-solving on any device and in any classroom configuration."

"Discovery Education's Techbook series was created in response to the need for a fully digital, core instructional resource that would ignite students' curiosity and enhance classroom instruction via a powerful, simple-to-use and cost effective solution," said Bill Goodwyn, president and CEO of Discovery Education. "The latest addition to this series, Math Techbook, not only empowers teachers to bring math to life for all learners by engaging them in a way that helps build proficiency in math concepts, but also helps grow the problem-solving and critical-thinking skills today's students need to succeed beyond the classroom."

Click here to see the Math Techbook.

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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