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Discovery Education's Math Techbook Fostering Stem Training in District

Discovery Education launched their Math Techbook and Richmond County Schools have already adopted the digital textbook as a way to foster STEM training. The adoption will most likely make its way nationwide if it proves to be a helpful tool for educators and administrators.

“Upper-grade students could begin using the software by the first of the year,” according to Your Daily Journal.

“Discovery Education bills it as a ‘breakthrough digital textbook that will change the way North Carolina students and teachers experience math.’”

The Richmond County District was introduced to the program via a professional development conference. Educators were able to learn about the Discovery Education Math Techbook and dissect for themselves, how the tool could be helpful in the classroom.

“I expect, well, we’re learning about Discovery Education here and it’s a tool to help kids learn,” said Linzy Hull of Rockingham Middle School.

“They have access to videos and other forms that they can see material in other than just the teachers standing at the front of the class and the students just taking down notes. This is a technology-based system, which they love, so I’m expecting to learn how to use it effectively and actually be able to implement it in my class more than just once a semester. I want to use this to help my instruction weekly if possible, but if not, monthly.”

Of course the book is geared to towards the math aspect of STEM but it uses Cloud based technology that allows students to complete their homework from any mobile device equipped with the app. Discovery has been promoting the Math Techbook on their homepage as they continue to push, “the acceleration of school districts digital transition through comprehensive standards-based content, professional development, formative assessment and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement.”

As Discovery Education’s Math Techbook continues to find its way to the many districts across the nation it will be interesting to see how well the tools are adopted or whether or not they are in fact adopted.

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Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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