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Detroit Teachers Call Out Sick Again In Demand of Earned Pay on National Teacher Appreciation Day

Detroit Teachers Call Out Sick Again In Demand of Earned Pay on National Teacher Appreciation Day

94 out of 97 schools in Detroit Public School district remain closed again today as over 1,500 teachers called out sick in protest of news that the district might not be able to pay them past June 30.

According to CNN, teachers protested a second day today because the Detroit Federation of Teachers said negotiations with the DPS officials did not result in a guarantee that teachers would receive pay.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten pointed out that it’s unfortunate timing- today is National Teacher’s Appreciation Day.

If the Michigan House of Representative passes a $715 million proposal to address the city’s budget problems, teachers should receive pay past June 30 without issue.

This isn’t the first time mass sick-outs have forced a majority of Detroit schools to close. In fact, the last mass sick-out was just yesterday.

Before that, earlier in the year, teachers used the form of protest to call attention to conditions in school buildings they called unworkable. During the protest, teachers shared images of buckling floors, moldy classrooms and uninvited rodents.

Sharlonda Buckman, CEO of Detroit Parents Network, an organization of parents with children in all city schools told CNN that this has been one of the most tumultuous school year she’s ever seen, describing the sick-outs as an “instant splitting headache” as parents scramble to figure out daycare for kids.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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