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Daylight Saving Time: Five Resources for the Classroom

Daylight Saving Time: Five Resources for the Classroom

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 8 2015. This week, teachers will want to educate their students about what Daylight Saving Time is all about, and Education World has you covered with finding lesson plans, resources, and other activities to bring to the classroom. Here are five resources educators can use to teach about Daylight Saving Time:

  1. Daylight Saving Time: The History of Clocks and Time: This article offers a list of resources, websites, books, and lesson plans teachers can use in the classroom. 
  2. Fall Back & Spring Forward: With this printable, students can participate in a web-based scavenger hunt and answer questions on the worksheet. 
  3. Teacher Planet: This website has a long list of lesson plans and activities teachers can share with their students, including:
  1. BrainPOP: Social Studies: Here, teachers can access a video, lesson ideas, and a quiz students can take to learn about Daylight Saving Time. 
  2. Free Tech 4 Teachers: Here, teachers can access a list of instructional videos to use in the classroom. 


Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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