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Conference for First-Grade Teachers Looks at Common Core

Conference for First-Grade Teachers Looks at Common Core

Staff Development for Educators (SDE), a leading provider of professional development for K-12 educators, is hosting a national conference in Las Vegas from July 7-10, 2014. Teach 1st! National Conference for First Grade Teachers, will feature more than 130 sessions where attendees will participate, interact, observe learning in action and gain motivation and energy to sustain them the rest of the school year. 

Kymra Kurinskas, member of SDE, says attendees can pick and choose from innovative sessions that provide unique learning experiences.

"Today's conference-goers have much higher expectations than in the past," she said. "Having someone read research at the front of the room is not learning. First-grade teachers, in particular, want something more. They want to be involved in their learning. We have found the key to getting them to our conference, and ensuring they leave knowing exactly how to transform their instruction and impact, is engaging learning formats."

Video-based "See it in Action" sessions will give "how-to's"so that teachers can confidently integrate and implement best practices. In "Techie Throw-Down," educators who want to learn how to use technology in their classrooms, but don't know how, will watch technology experts debate tools. Those who attend the conference will leave with sample lesson ideas, teaching methods and more. 

Informal roundtables will allow educators to interact with presenters and colleagues. At another program, called the "Pinterest Party," teachers will share ideas and projects they have found on the popular website.

"First-grade teachers expect and need the information to be relevant," Kurinskas said. "They are much too busy otherwise. At SDE, we start our planning by asking: What are the most-discussed topics this year among first-grade teachers? We decide how this conference can provide exclusive insight into trending issues. And then we sort, crunch and present the newest and freshest information into concise, easy-to-digest session formats for busy teachers."


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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