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Concerned Over the New SAT? Try This Customized Study Guide Tool

Concerned Over the New SAT? Try This Customized Study Guide Tool

The College Board in partnership with Khan Academy is offering students the option to use their PSAT scores to receive a free, tailored study guide to help them improve for the upcoming exam.

"Students who took the PSAT, a practice version of the SAT, can log in online and link their score reports to a tool that will produce a study guide specifically tailored to help them improve areas where they are weak. Students must sign up for this feature; a YouTube video promoting the program describes the process as 'three simple steps,”” said The Hechinger Report.

The tool is available to sophomores and juniors who received their PSAT scores online last month, and who are looking to get meaningful studying in before the real thing.

"Tools like this come as the administrators of college admission tests, both the SAT and the ACT, are under increasing pressure to ensure that scores are a measure of aptitude and not a marker for affluence,” said The Hechinger Report.

"Critics of these tests contend that students from families who can afford test preparation classes – and know enough to put their children into them – tend to do better.”

They also come during a time when students are feeling crippling pressure over college admissions exams.

Students taking the SAT have to worry about an entirely redesigned test this year that will change up how it tests them on both math and reading, as well as stress over the decision to take or to not take the optional essay component.

For students taking the ACT, they have to worry about a change in its writing portion that has caused students anxiety after receiving lower-than-expected scores. Despite the essay section being optional, some colleges and universities still require it.

Indeed, while stress over admissions reaches a fever pitch, at least free preparation tools like this are available to all students to help them best prepare.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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