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Company to Offer Free Webinars on Using Tech in the Classroom

Company to Offer Free Webinars on Using Tech in the Classroom

This fall, educational technology company Mimio will be providing free webinars to administrators and teachers interested in learning more about using technology in the classroom. Each webinar will run twice on two separate dates throughout the fall and will be 45-minutes long.

"Topics will include how to get funding for classroom technology, the science behind technology’s positive effects on learning, practical tips for improving engagement and collaboration, and facilitating real-time assessment," said

The endeavor comes at a time when teacher colleges have come under scrutiny for not providing teacher hopefuls with enough instruction and resources to best implement tech in the classroom. Whereas many teachers feel comfortable using tech, many are unsure of how to use tech to be supplementary to instruction. 

The webinars will each be run by different education experts in their respective fields. For instance, the “How to Get the Funding You Need for the Technology You Want” will be run by educational funding expert Jenny House who will discuss the "federal, state and private funds available now to help teachers obtain classroom technology, from laptops to IWBs," said the article.

Another webinar will instruct educators on the research behind why using technology in the classroom works, specifically highlighting ways tech increases student engagement and achievement.

And the webinar "“5 Tips to Make Your Lessons More Engaging and More Effective" will instruct educators on how to blend ed tech and pedagogy to best serve students.

It will feature experts who will "share instructional design ideas that make students’ learning experience more interactive, encourage student engagement and collaboration, and facilitate assessment."

For specific dates for each webinar, read the full article here. Be sure to take our poll and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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