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Company Kicks Off Global Campaign to Revive Music Education

Company Kicks Off Global Campaign to Revive Music Education

A music education organization has announced the kick-off of "Putting Mozart on the Map," a worldwide virtual recital celebrating Mozart's 259th birthday.

On January 27, music teachers, students and musicians "are invited to attend the virtual event and play any score from the Wolfie catalog, which will be displayed on a real-time map on the Wolfie homepage," according to a press release.

“‘Putting Mozart on the Map' will be a magnificent tribute to one of the greatest musicians of all time, and an homage to those who labor continuously to keep his legacy alive - teachers," said Ron Regev, Chief Music Officer of Tonara, DMA from The Juilliard School.

According to the release, "as a symbol of their appreciation to music teachers, Tonara is offering a free subscription of Wolfie to teachers worldwide, and discounts for students. Wolfie can be downloaded here."

Tonara created Wolfie "out of the belief that the best way to combat the decline in music education and appreciation is to leverage today’s technology to excite and energize young people," the release said. "Wolfie makes practice interactive and playful by digitizing it for the new generation of musicians."

“By digitizing the practice experience to make it more engaging and by providing universal access to the most significant classical musicians in the world, we are hoping to reawaken the joy of learning and practicing piano, the benefits of which have been proven time and again," Regev said.

According to the release, "Wolfie does more than simply digitize scores - it transforms them into an interactive experience."

"Using proprietary technology, the Wolfie platform offers a 'magic cursor' and intelligent page turning feature that tracks a student’s playing in real time regardless of tempo changes and mistakes," the release said. "By following a student and adjusting to every detail in real time, score-reading becomes more natural and more intuitive than ever before."

Wolfie, the release said, "offers a fully integrated YouTube feature that gives students the ability to watch YouTube performances synched to the app’s magic cursor – enabling, inspiring and encouraging music students to seek out new interpretations of classical scores. The platform also gives students and teachers the opportunity to play, record, and share passages – invaluable tools for learning and teaching."

“Wolfie is a great tool for music learning and practice,” said Dr. Igal Kesselman, director of the Lucy Moses School and teacher at Special Music School in New York in the release. “What better way to honor Mozart’s birthday than to marry technology and music and have musicians of all ages pay tribute. My hope is that this will inspire teachers everywhere to reach students on their own terms with the technology they are familiar with to keep Mozart’s legacy alive. Wolfie has been instrumental in helping music teachers, like myself, inspire our students so that they can appreciate the genius of Mozart. ”

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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