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Company Announces Online Resources to Help Teach Writing Practices

Company Announces Online Resources to Help Teach Writing Practices

Turnitin announced that it will be providing educators with numerous free resources through "Back to School: Writing With Integrity Tools," which includes tools and webcasts to help educators teach their students integrity in writing.

The back-to-school resources include everything from a quiz testing the student's knowledge on plagiarism to lesson plan ideas, infographics and handouts ready to be used in the classroom.

The web-based quiz, "Aiming for Integrity: How Well Do You Know Plagiarism?," for example, helps educators gauge how much their students know about the act of plagiarism. The quiz is designed to be appropriate for both middle school and high school students.

On that same note, Turnitin also offers educators a handout outlining 10 different types of plagiarism to be distributed for reference in the classroom.

And lesson plans offered by the company give educators creative ideas on how to engage student in writing as well educate them on best writing practices. 

By way of webcasts, videos designed by the company will also be made available throughout the fall season with several prominent ones coming up in September.

This month Turnitin webcasts will cover topics such as exploring the plagiarism spectrum and even exploring the link between STEM studies and humanities.

"'This fall series offers a range of relevant and sharable items that educators can use to make an immediate impact ... We decided to take an integrated approach this season by offering webcast content and additional resources to support educators back-to-school efforts,'" said Jason Chu, education director at Turnitin, in a company statement.

Read more about Turnitin here. Let us know about the resources in the comments below after you've used them in your classroom. 

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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