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Common Core Teaching Aids Available On Nearpod

The Common Sense Education and CitizenshipCurriculum teams have launched a series of interactive lessons through Nearpod. The lessons are directly aligned with Common Core Standards, providing an easy route for teachers and administrators to pull ideas from the platform.

“Common Sense Education is the education arm of Common Sense Media, the independent, national, non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids and families thrive in a world of media and technology,” according to Benzinga.

“Through Nearpod, classrooms with digital devices will be able to access 75+ developmentally appropriate lessons and assessments from Common Sense Education's award-winning K-12 curriculum. This Common Core-aligned curriculum teaches critical 21st century skills and covers topics ranging from Internet safety, to privacy and security, cyberbullying and digital drama, creative credit and copyright, and digital footprint and reputation.”

As schools move toward more digital platfoms, better organizational methods — as well as methods of accessing Common Core-aligned lessons — hold a greater importance. The technology available on Nearpod will be yet another aid in helping educators across the nation excel at their profession, while helping students learn in more effective and efficient ways.

“Adapting the Digital Citizenship curriculum for the Nearpod platform enhances the engagement and interactivity offered by features such as instantly graded quizzes, open-ended response questions, polls, videos, and drawing features,” according to Benzinga.

“Teachers see the results of their students in real-time and respond immediately to their students, or access post-session reports of student data.”

The companies also want to teach students to think critically and behave responsibly in a fast-paced digital environment, according to Mike Lorion, General Manager of Education at Common Sense Media in the report.

“Providing educators a safe and secure platform to see in real-time if students are engaged in and acquiring these foundational skills has great value for any teacher working in a flipped classroom or implementing technology into the classroom for the first time," said Lorion.

It’s going to be increasingly hard for educators to choose what platform they want to use when it comes to organization, especially with other popular sources like Google Classroom. That being said, educators should know that there are a world of other tools available for them to make their lives a bit easier.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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