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Common Core Math Instruction Stumps, Frustrates Parents

Common Core Math Methods Stump Parents

In Greenwell Springs, LA, some parents are moving children into homeschooling due to confusion over Common Core-aligned math instruction.

"They say this is rigorous because it teaches them higher thinking," parent Rebekah Nelams told The New York Times. "But it just looks tedious."

Nelams said her children were frustrated by pictures, dots and the number of steps needed to solve some problems.

"I taught math very much like the Common Core for many years," said Linda M. Gojak, a former National Council of Teachers of Math president. "When parents would question it, my response was 'Just hang in there with me,' and at the end of the year, they would come and say this was the best year their kids had in math."

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Article by Navindra Persaud, EducationWorld Contributor

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