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Common Core Authors Share Insight on Math Standards

Common Core Authors Share Insight On Math Standards

Common Core standards can be a frustrating topic for parents and teachers alike. The math standards in particular have confused some people across the country. 

Jason Zimba, one of the writers of the Common Core Math Standards, sees this frustration, and spends his Saturday mornings teaching his daughters mathematics, according to an article on 

In the article, the three Common Core authors share their insight on the standards and their reactions to the national backlash. 

"The champions of the Common Core – including organizations like the National Governors Association and the Council for Chief State School Officers – expected the task to be difficult," the article said. "Overhauling textbooks would take a lot of time, and training teachers would take even more. But the political rage caught them by surprise."

According to the article, "the groundswell of opposition to the standards has been bipartisan: Both Tea Party conservatives and labor movement liberals have found reasons to hate them."

"Tea Partiers believe the standards are another example of federal government overreach, and some have dubbed them 'Obamacore,'" said the article. "Progressive opponents of Common Core worry the standards are part of a movement to privatize education, underwritten by wealthy businessmen like Bill Gates. But their fears have a common root: a mistrust [and, supporters of Common Core say, a misunderstanding] of who wrote the standards and why."

“The creation of the standards is enshrouded in mystery for people,” Zimba says. “I wish people understood what a massive process it was, and how many people were involved. It was a lot of work.”

Phil Daro, a former high school algebra teacher who was on the writing team of the standards, said that writing Common Core was a "design project, not a political project."

“It was not our job to do the politics while we were writing," he said.

Read the full story and comment below. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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