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Trending: Key & Peele Imagine If Teachers Were Treated Like Pro Athletes

A preview clip of Wednesday night’s episode of Key & Peele is making waves on the internet. The featured sketch highlights the cultural privileges associated with athletics. 

In a faux news show called “TeachingCenter,” fashioned after its ESPN namesake SportsCenter, the sketch depicts stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as boisterous newscasters that focus on K-12 education with uninhibited enthusiasm, much like ESPN’s hosts. 

With CGI ticker screens flashing by, the comedic duo offer up play-by-plays of educator athletes nationwide in the K-12 system. In the sketch, educators land high paying contracts just like professional athletes, with one signing onto a school for an $80 million salary over six years, with $40 million in test-based incentives. Like professional athletes, teacher drafts are big televised events in this fictitious world, occurring at Radio City Music Hall to much fanfare. That joke on salary is probably the most poignant, as many K-12 educators know.


If you haven't been sent the link already by a friend, you can watch the sketch, courtesy of Comedy Central, on the network and below:

Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor
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