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Colorado School District May Have Set the Blueprint for K-12 Networks

The introduction of Common Core came at a time where technology was breaking into the classroom in a major way, causing many schools and districts to go back to the drawing board. Getting both Common Core and technology to go hand in hand is not easy and it can also be much harder when the network limits educators and students.

The Adams 12 Five Star School district In Thornton, Colorado went beyond the federal requirements for Common Core and focused on overhauling their network, which yielded impressive results.

“Our vision was always bigger than simply facilitating the online testing process,” says Project Manager Jean Schneider, according to Ed Tech Magazine.

“We wanted to get away from students having to go to a different room in order to use technology and instead, create an environment in which every classroom would be capable of utilizing it at any time.”

Mobility is a key in classrooms today, especially when it comes to the wireless devices that students are using. With mobility often come issues with connectivity, which was remedied by the increased access points in each classroom.

“Reaching that goal required Adams 12 staff to bolster the wireless capabilities at its 50 schools significantly,” according to the report.

“Opting to add access points to every classroom and teachable space, the district purchased approximately 750 HP switches, 15 Cisco Systems switches, 5,000 Xirrus arrays and 500 miles of cable for the endeavor. To power this vast, new infrastructure, Adams 12 upgraded its existing 120V power supply to 208V.”

Unlimited power and extended usage time were two of the many results that the district says keeps students focused, excites them about learning, enables students to move at their own pace and prepares them for the future.

A more connected classroom improves efficiency and helps learning.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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