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Collective Essay Calls for Retiring the Idea That Technology Alone Improves Learning

To say the educational technology push has been heavily debated would be a complete understatement. There are places in the world where technology is annexed from classrooms, while in much of the western civilizationmainly the U.S.there has been a push to get schools connected.

A recently-published essay that originally appeared on TechTank, is looking to put a bit of a damper on those who believe that EdTech alone is the solution to improved student learning.

“Because technology is widely perceived to improve our day-to-day experiences, it is logical to conclude that technology will improve learning outcomes in our nation’s schools by itself. This is an idea that must die,” says Ellen Lettvin, Joseph South, and Katrina Stevens in their essay.

“While it can serve as an accelerator, it can just as easily accelerate poor strategies as effective ones.  It is the teaching approach—the pedagogy—that ultimately determines learning outcomes. Once this is understood, a series of other misconceptions also fade.”

They argue that how students use the technology is what really matters. Technology does not transform teaching, and the teachers themselves are the ones who hold the most power when it comes to making an impact on a student's education.

“The notion that technology itself can improve student outcomes must die. However, the notion of a well-trained teacher, effectively wielding technology while finding new ways to discover and create, promises to transform the learning experience.”

Lettvin, South, and Stevens make their case for putting the power and hope in teachers, rather than technology. They feel that teachers might be falling into the category of being a tool for children to use, as technology gets all the attention in our modern world, and that this would be a poor assumption for the future of education.

Read the full story here.

Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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