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CK-12 Foundation Brings Free Math Content for K-12 Teachers

CK-12 Foundation Brings Free Math Content for K-12 Teachers

CK-12, an organization dedicated to providing online textbooks, flashcards, and other resources, now offers even more free elementary math content for its users. 

CK-12, according to its official website, provides a library of free online textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards and other resources for educational purposes. Its new K1-5 math "is designed to help elementary school teachers, students and parents build a strong math foundation to support children’s future success in school and careers,” according to the ESchoolNews Report.

The content is also fitted to follow Common Core Standards as the foundation looks to aid in the building blocks for student’s education and the way they are taught.

“CK-12’s free STEM learning platform–created by teachers for teachers–is used in more than 30,000 schools worldwide and will now include a wide range of practice problems with video-based hints and step-by-step solutions,” reports ESchoolNews.

The purpose of the multiple practice problems is to “help deepen” a students understanding as well as to provide teachers with additional tools to encourage student engagement in mathematics.

“Because all students are different, the CK-12 math content also provides students with several ways of mastering a concept. With its alignment to Common Core, teachers can now find practice problems and videos based on a particular standard,” says ESchoolNews.

Providing students with multiple ways of mastering a concept makes it easier for students who may need a different type of supplement to their learning stay on course with the rest of their class. This in turn lessens a teachers need to revisit problems in class and allows them to move through the material in a timely fashion.

“We’ve always wanted to provide a full stack of content and tools to improve student learning for K-12 in STEM,” said CK-12 Founder and Executive Director Neeru Khosla, according to the article. “This new launch will help teachers, parents and students to improve math fundamentals through deliberate practice and helpful videos.”

Free tools with this much extensive focus isn’t hard to come by. With the idea of creating an easier and efficient way to learn math in mind, CK-12 looks to find a solution with their new content.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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