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Child Development Center Launches National Campaign for Early Education

Child Development Center Launches National Campaign for Early Education

The Discovery Point Child Development Centers is going to be expanding its childcare centers in an effort to address the growing need for better and more available early education.

Over the next five years, the Center is hoping to open an additional 100 childcare centers.

"'As the economy continues to grow and more parents are going back to work, the need for quality childcare will increase,' said Cliff Clark, President and CEO of Discovery Point Child Development Centers," according to the press release.

Right now, the Center has about 50 franchises in four states, so the new effort seeks to triples it growth.

"Discovery Point Child Development Centers use the nationally recognized early childhood education program Creative Curriculum System for Preschool. That distinctive approach – coupled with the company's unique, turnkey franchise model — sets Discovery Point Child Development Centers apart in the childcare industry," the release said.

The centers operate using a three A's approach- Attention, Affection, and Approval to begin the learning and growing process of early learners in its care.

"Since opening its first location in an Atlanta suburb in 1988, Discovery Point has been a leader in childhood enrichment and care, expanding beyond its Georgia roots into Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee with plans under way to reach new markets nationwide.

The move comes during a time when emphasis on the need for early education as well as the demand for it is growing. The Discovery Point Child Development Center could very well be coming to your state soon.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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