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Chicago Parents, Students and Teachers #FightForFunding Today

Chicago Parents, Students and Teachers #FightForFunding Today

Chicago teachers have made their fight for funding the talk of national news today.

Thousands of Chicago teachers are participating in a highly anticipated strike today to demand more funding to improve the state of education in the nation’s fourth-largest school district.

The strike is the second union strike in four years and is being called illegal by the city’s public officials, casting an even bigger spotlight on the situation as many wonder if the union will face prosecution.

Even education and public policy experts aren’t sure if the strike is legal or not. The CTU claims it’s legal because the city has been practicing unfair labor practices.

But "Bob Bruno, professor and director of the University of Illinois Labor Education Program, says it isn't clear what the law says on the walkoff's legality. Established law on unfair labor practices has mostly to do with the private sector, and teachers are public sector workers,” according to Vice News.

One thing is for sure though- Illinois is the only state in the country without a budget, and funding problems have forced closings and layoffs in schools throughout the city as a result, leading Chicago’s teachers to say they are on the #FightForFunding.

Check out photos from the on-going strike below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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