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Chegg Merges Into Blackboard Learn to Provide Learning Services

Chegg Merges Into Blackboard Learn to Provide Learning Services

Chegg, Inc., the Student Hub, and Blackboard Inc. have recently announced a partnership allowing students to access Chegg's learning services through the Blackboard interface.

Students, and teachers, will be able to access self-directed learning services such as that will allow Chegg Study, Chegg Tutors, and Chegg Career Center, said a press release. According to Chegg's own user research, the release said, "87 percent of students said Chegg Study helped them better understand their homework and 75 percent said it better prepared them for exams."

"Blackboard and Chegg share a commitment to improving student outcomes through high-quality and affordable learning services designed to improve academic and career outcomes," said Nathan Schultz, Chegg's Chief Learning Officer in the release. "Together, we believe we can deliver powerful learning services to the millions of learners and teachers that Blackboard supports through their innovative learning solutions."

Chegg's learning solutions, the release said, "will now be available for faculty and students to use directly from within the Blackboard learning environment."

Schools, the release said, can "leverage Blackboard solutions to create collaborative learning environments for students and provide a platform where instructors can create and assign projects, keep track of lesson progress by student, and assist students in their coursework."

"Together, we are working towards a goal shared by students, institutions, faculty, Blackboard and Chegg: better outcomes and higher graduation rates," said Jim Hermens, vice president of content partnerships at Blackboard in the release. "By providing schools with the opportunity to integrate Chegg Study's supplemental learning services into our learning environment, students will be in a better position to master their coursework, persist in their schooling, and ultimately be able to graduate at higher rates than they do today."

Article by Kassondra Granata EducationWorld Contributor

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