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Channel One News Launches Annual Student Election Learning Program

Channel One News Launches Annual Student Election Learning Program

Channel One News, a Houghton Mifflin Harcourt(HMH) company, announced the launch of its annual OneVote 2016, a year-long learning program that educates students about the presidential election and culminates with a mock election in October that will receive millions of student votes.

"In addition to the mock election, OneVote 2016 will include dedicated Channel One News coverage of primaries, caucuses and election issues created specifically for a student audience,” said Channel One News in a statement.

"This coverage will include reports from six students who will form Team OneVote, a dedicated teen news team that will produce a personal look at how the election and political process is affecting them, their families, classmates, friends, and futures.”

For students interested in comprising this team, applications will be open in April and will be chosen by the senior editorial team of Channel One News.

The student audience is largely made up of middle school and high school students who can refer to the program to understand the complexities of the presidential election and formulate their own, informed opinion.

The learning program is aimed to help students understand the political process now to make informed political opinions as adults of voting age.

"These students are the country's next generation of voters and civic leaders, which is why it is so important to provide a platform that enables them to voice their thoughts and opinions throughout the campaign,” said CJ Kettler, Executive Vice President, Chief of Consumer Brands and Strategy, HMH.

OneVote 2016 is a great resource for teachers broaching the subject in their classrooms, as it is connected to the HMH Election Connection portal. This portal includes information both about the current election and past elections for comparison purposes.

"Resources include teaching activities, simulations and games, and exclusive access to HISTORY® videos that shed light on some of the country's most important historical elections, inspiring students to become active and informed citizens,” Channel One News said.

To access OneVote 2016, see here. for the HMH Election Connection portal, see here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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