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Candelaria: Teachers Should Look for 'Aha' Moment This School Year

Candelaria: Teachers Should Look for 'Aha' Moment This School Year

This week, schools all around the country will be opening their doors for a new school year. Students and teachers alike will be getting their supplies together and anticipating a great year together. 

Noel Candelaria, president of the Texas State Teachers Association, gave her spin on what teachers specifically are anticipating, and sums it up in three words: "the 'aha' moment", she said on Candelaria talks about a student she called Robert, and his challenges as a special needs student in her classroom. Robert was a troubled and violent student, and was sent to Candelaria's class as an alternative to his previous schooling. 

"I visited Robert's home and learned that he acted up when he didn't take his medication, and that often happened because his single mom was a quadriplegic and sometimes she couldn't find transportation to the pharmacy," she said. "Some may have seen Robert as impossible, or a failure, but I told his mother my job was to make sure he graduated from high school. After arrangements were made to get help for Robert and his mother, his behavior improved. It wasn't easy, but Robert made progress and he graduated. He now attends community college and loves to write."

Candelaria said there are tons of students out there like Robert, and it is her job as a teacher to address their needs when they encounter them. 

"More than anything, your child's teacher wants to reach that "aha" moment that lights a child's eyes when learning happens," she said. "Those are the moments that light the path to a successful future for all of us."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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