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Students May Learn More When Their Teachers Work Together

Can Students Learn More When Their Teachers Work Together?

In the classroom, it is important for students to work harmoniously with one another. Doing so will create a positive working and learning environment. This, however, may not be a good idea for just students, but perhaps teachers as well.

Teachers should be able to focus on improving relationships among other teachers, said Esther Quintero, from the Albert Shanker Institute, on the nonprofit's blog. 

Quintero said that "debates about how to improve educational outcomes for students often involve two 'camps.'" Quintero looks at the term "social capital" and said it means the idea that "relationships have value, that social ties provide access to important resources like knowledge and support."

"Research suggests that teachers’ social capital may be just as important to student learning as their human capital," said Quintero. "In fact, some studies indicate that if school improvement policies addressed teachers’ human and social capital simultaneously, they would go a long way toward mitigating the effects of poverty on student outcomes."

According to Quintero, teachers who have positive relationships with their colleagues are more likely to have more successful students. 


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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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