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Campuses Adopt Virtual Teacher Training Program That Features Student Avatars

Campuses Adopt Virtual Teacher Training Program That Features Student Avatars


According to EdTech Magazine, 80 campuses across the U.S. are using a new virtual teacher training program called TeachLive.

TeachLive enables teachers-in-training to receive training dealing with the different challenges that arise in classrooms; it offers teachers a virtual classroom with student avatars that each have their own personalities and behaviors.

"TeachLive places a teacher-in-training in a virtual classroom populated by computer-generated students. A Skype conference call and a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor power the high-tech pantomiming behind the platform.,” said EdTech Magazine.

Computer-generated students are "given a unique personality, dictated not only by the actor voicing the role but also through the range of pre-programmed behavior routines. In one of the elementary school settings, CJ will interrupt class with her opinions on the lesson or the teacher, or on school in general. Sean, the class chatterbox, will happily seize the reins of conversation if given the opportunity. And Maria, a particularly anxious student, may hit her limit and curl up on the floor of the classroom,” the article said.

The immersive teaching experience has received positive feedback thus far.

“'We know all the things that make a great teacher. By using analytics, we know what makes you nervous and how well you interact with certain students. Using these tools, we can gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher,'” says s Lisa Dieker, one of TeachLive’s principal investigators to EdTech Magazine.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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