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Court Ruling Deals Major Blow to Teacher Tenure

CA Court Ruling Deals a Blow to Teacher Tenure Nationally

Photo courtesy of John O'Neill

Students Matter, an advocacy group funded by a Silicon Valley millionaire, brought the Vergara v. California case to court, arguing that state tenure laws violated students' civil rights and deprived them of a quality education.

The New York Times reported that in a 16-page ruling, Judge Rolf M. Treu of Los Angeles Superior Court agreed with the plaintiffs’ argument regarding CA’s current laws, which they said "make it impossible to remove the system’s numerous low-performing and incompetent teachers, because the tenure system assures them a job essentially for life."

Joshua Pechthalt, president of the California Federation of Teachers, told The Times “There are real problems in our schools, but this decision in no way helps us move the ball forward.”

The landmark case could lead others to challenge teacher-tenure laws in states across the country.

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