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C-STEM Studio for Educators Teaching Computing and Robotics Has Arrived

The Center for Integrating Computing and STEM Education located at the University of California in Davis is presenting the C-STEM Studio, a program to help educators gain the proper resources they need to teach computing and robotics in the classroom.

The C-STEM Studio is a “web resource that provides code, documentation, teacher guides and textbooks” for educators in the STEM field, according to THE Journal.

“The materials released in the C-STEM Studio use Ch, a programming tool from SoftIntegration to help beginners learn C and C++. It was originally created to teach programming to non-computer science majors,” according to the report.

Free EdTech resources are all over the Internet but there can never be too many resources. As technology becomes the front-runner in education is important to understand the many innovative methods of coding and programming. Computer science courses are growing nationwide and with it comes the need for educators who can effectively communicate the coding and programming language.

“The curriculum developed at the center has been tested out in about 200 K-12 schools, most in California. The C-STEM algebra curriculum, in particular, is aligned with Common Core State Standards in mathematics. What the students learn allows them to control robots from Barobo and Lego as well as Arduino microcontrollers.”

Harry Cheng is the founder of the C-STEM program and is looking to create a solution for teachers and students. As the interest in computing and robotics grows nationwide, a free online resource can mean the world of opportunity for educators. Not only can the students benefit from the information transmitted on the site, but educators can learn a great deal as well.

Companies and organizations seem to be taking the proper steps to help educators especially during the odd transition into the EdTech classroom. Free resources are great ways to take advantage of the knowledge that exists on the web.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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