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Boys & Girls Clubs Expanding 'Summer Brain Gain' Learning Program

Boys & Girls Clubs Expanding 'Summer Brain Gain' Learning Program

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America is expanding its Summer Brain Gain program to 1,500 clubs across the country to curb the loss of skills over the summer months by keeping students active in reading and learning.

"While the average low-income U.S. student lost at least two months of learning last summer, the average Summer Brain Gain participant did not. In some areas, Club members showed significant gains, including improvements in reading skills for fifth and eighth graders, and in math skills for fourth, fifth and sixth graders," according to the Club's press release.

The Summer Brain Gain program is comprised of 17 one-week modules that span across all grade levels. All of the modules take a project-based approach to keep students as active as possible.

"Supported by Disney, each module takes a project-based learning approach; youth engage in a process of learning through discovery, creative expression, group work and a final project or production. Examples of these modules include 'Bio Motion' and 'Bug Off!' where Club youth can explore how living things navigate their environments or examine the incredible amount of diversity in the insect world," the release said.

In addition to these project-based endeavors, certain clubs will also provide "Summer Brain Gain: READ!", a program that specifically focuses on summer reading through a 12-week program that include focus on a different book every week and activities to complement.

"According to Afterschool Alliance, kids who participate in after-school programs are more likely to participate in summer learning programs. Serving nearly 4 million kids, Boys & Girls Clubs are the leading after-school and summer learning provider that are helping close the educational opportunity gap in this country."

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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