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Boston Students Walk Out of School to Protest Charter Schools

Boston Students Walk Out of School to Protest Charter Schools

The “walk-ins” occurring in four different Boston public schools today is in protest of how much money the city is giving to charter schools versus public ones.

Students, teachers and parents participated in the protests.

According to Fox25, protesters say the city’s monetary support of charter schools takes necessary resources from its public schools, including the most important resource of all- teachers.

"One teacher told FOX25 that when Brighton High School loses about five kids to charter schools, the public school loses so much money that it usually costs them a teacher,” the article said.

The protesters made clear it’s not the charter schools themselves they hold issue with, but rather how much funding is impacted for existing public schools. The issue of equality made its way into the conversation once again.

"The protesters added that they have nothing against the students and teachers working hard in charter schools. They said they were most upset about the way the charter schools impact funding. One teacher went as far as saying it's a civil rights issue because of what sort of students attend traditional vs. charter schools.”

Boston Public Schools responded with a statement that said they will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure that valuable instruction is not lost. Instead, they encouraged meaningful discussion and alternative engagement with the community.

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Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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