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Blogger Writes 'PD in Math Should Focus on Math'

Blogger says PD has focused too much on pedagogy and too little on actual academic content

Blogger Laurie Rogers looks at the issue of professional development in her recent post in Education News.

She says "many teachers don't understand enough math. I don't blame them. They learned what they were taught." Rogers maintains that PD has emphasized pedagogical strategies at the expense of actual math skills.

"Most received garbage for math instruction in K-12, in college and for years after they were hired. How could they teach math properly? They were taught that math is hard and that they don't have to know math in order to teach it. [They must be so tired of being lied to.] Their training has intellectually disarmed them, their students and this country. There are unforgiveable sins."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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