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Blackboard is Up for Sale

While Blackboard was originally widely seen as an EdTech product that purely benefited higher education, the company moved into the K-12 market and began to flourish after school districts began latching on to the technology. Education World has learned that the company is up for sale. 

“The company provides software to help students and faculty communicate and collaborate,” according to Tech Co.

“They currently have 19,000 clients in 100 countries including 1,900 international institutions.”

Despite being so successful, the company’s stakeholders are looking to sell the company for $3 billion according to the article. This is almost double what shareholders paid for the EdTech company in the first place.

“Blackboard is in an exciting industry that is generating substantial investor interest,” said a Spokesperson for Blackboard according to the article.

“Coming off a very successful BbWorld 2015 and a significant amount of positive customer and market momentum, potential investor interest in our company is not surprising.”

In terms of K-12 the Blackboard technology has only been adopted by about a third of the U.S. school districts according to the article, however, more districts have seen the potential good the technology has in the classroom.

Blackboard promotes communication, a recipe for blended learning, new ways to learn and inspire students according to it’s K-12 homepage. Currently the company is holding a competition called #100DaysofLearning to let students show what they’ve learned but many educators are taking advantage of the movement as well.

The company also provides a free download of the Trends in Digital Learning Report for administrators looking for ways to empower teachers and foster innovation in classrooms.

“As someone who was a college undergrad as Blackboard was blowing up, I can attest that the platform saved my academic life on more than one occasion,” said Kristin Pryor of Tech Co.

“It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Blackboard.”

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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