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Bill Mandating Cursive Writing in Elementary School Advances in Louisiana

Bill Mandating Cursive Writing in Elementary School Advances in Louisiana

A bill mandating cursive writing instruction in third grade passed unanimously in Louisiana’s Senate Education Committee, bringing to the forefront again the debate over whether cursive instruction is still needed.

The debate over cursive writing in schools began with the implementation of Common Core Standards, which do not mandate or make any mention of cursive instruction.

Add in the fact that pen and paper is slowly but surely being taken over by technology, many wonder if cursive writing will soon become extinct.

According to 973 The Dawg, "Senator Beth Mizell of Franklinton authored the bill and explained to the Louisiana Radio Network why she felt the ability to read and write a cursive text was so important:

I’m hearing consistently now that students have no signature. They ask what does that word signature mean. They print their name or sometimes write an X.

Missouri also recently mandated cursive instruction this week after officially scrapping Common Core Standards and passing their own state standards. The new standards mandate cursive instruction in elementary school, as well.

Still, many education experts wonder if cursive instruction is necessary or nostalgic. Many have spoken out against dedicating classroom time to learning two different styles of handwriting.

Last year, education professor Steve Graham responded to Arkansas’ 2015 mandate of cursive instruction by calling it "an antiquated and outdated view of the world.”

Supporters, however, say that cursive instruction is an important part of culture and allows for students to read the documents written by the country’s Founding Fathers. 

What do YOU think? Is cursive instruction necessary or nostalgic? Weigh-in by taking our poll.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


Is cursive writing instruction necessary or nostalgic?

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