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Bill Gates to Highlight How Technology Will Change Education in 2030

Bill Gates Talks The Future Of Technology In 2030

Bill Gates’ pursuit to improve the education system by using technology will be getting a lot more interesting as he will be guest-editing The Verge for the month of February to show just how tech will change the world in 2030.

“Over the course of four weeks, Gates will be guiding us as we explore how technology will transform the lives of those in the developing world through advancements in banking, healthcare, farming, and education technology,” according to The Verge staff article.

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; so, Gates sat down Nilay Patel to talk about the future of technology with education being one of the top four items on Gates’ agenda.

“Bill will narrate four episodes of our animated series the Big Future to speak to these issues,” The Verge reports. “Meanwhile, our reporters will write in-depth features to challenge Gates' assertions.” 

Patel explored banking, healthcare and farming before getting down to the impact that technology will have on Education. Patel’s article says that the Gates’ believe advancements on software for mobile phones will have an impact on the way students learn.

“That software isn’t good enough now, but it’s getting better fast, says Gates,” according to Patel. “He also told me that he thinks even closed platforms like iOS should offer sandboxes where motivated tinkerers can learn to write their own code — not a surprising view from a man who built his fortune tinkering with computers.”

While Gates believes that technology is key in the advancement of education, he also told Patel the educational gender gap around the world needs to be improved as a supplement to the improvements in technology.

The Verge plans on exploring and dissecting each issue you detail as the month of February continues.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World contributor.

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