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Back-to-School Prep: What Apps to Download

Back-to-School Prep: What Apps to Download

Graphite by Common Sense Media has compiled a list of must-have mobile apps to download before the first day of class for

Most of the apps on the list are of no charge, with only two carrying price tags and both under five dollars, so they're likely to be within your budget, and all six are likely to make your life a little bit easier as you prepare instruction materials.

For instance, Notability, which costs $3.99, is a great tool for students because it works with different learning styles and note-taking preferences.

"On a single page of notes, students can type, write, draw, highlight, record audio and even insert Web content."

"[I]t's useful for teachers, too. Overall, Notability's flexible, multimedia approach to note-taking makes it an invaluable classroom tool for both teachers and student," the article said.

For K-12 educators, the article suggests having Nearpod downloaded and ready to go.

"Teachers can upload videos, images, audio clips and PDF files and can embed multiple-choice quizzes, slide shows, polls, draw-its (where students write directly on a slide) and open-ended questions. Teachers launch the presentation and monitor progress either from the website or through the app," the article said.

For older classrooms, the article suggests downloading Collaborize Classroom, an app that helps reinvigorate classroom discussions and bring to life meaningful debate.

"Using a social media-like approach, Collaborize Classroom offers a secure online antidote to uninspired, disengaged classroom discussions. Teachers can post discussion questions and set specific response options like multiple choice, yes/no or poll-based."

To read the full list of recommended apps for back-to-school, look here and comment with your thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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