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App Uses Rewards System to Provide Incentive for Students with Good Grades, Attendance

App Uses Rewards System to Provide Incentive for Students with Good Grades, Attendance

Küdzoo is a mobile app geared at providing students with a good reason to take out their phones in class by motivating students to get good grades and to have good attendance.

Through good performance in school, users of Küdzoo are provided with "Küdzoo Cash" which can be then exchanged for gift cards, discounts at restaurants and stores and more, according to The Seventy Four.

The Seventy Four sat down with founder of Küdzoo, Princeton grad Trevor Wilkins, to pick his brain and figure out his future intentions for the first-of-its-kind application.

On how the app works, Wilkins described it as such: students are able to download the app for free and from there can earn rewards by uploading grades, charting grade improvement or answering trivia questions correctly.

"You gain Küdzoo Cash through all these different ways, and then you use Küdzoo Cash to purchase discounts to businesses, gift cards, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and scholarship information," he said.

Bigger rewards will cost a student about 850 in Küdzoo Cash, and a good student can expect to earn about 180 points for "straight As, no dips in GPA, no missed school days, doing your daily trivia."

Though partnerships are in the near future, Wilkins says rewards are available on Küdzoo from pulling "rewards from gift card companies and different deal aggregators as well to get them to students. We’ve also been in talks with companies who are watching our growth and engagement."

Despite being in the app store for a year now, Wilkins told The Seventy Four he is considering this school year as the official launch date.

But so far, through grass roots campaigns and heavy use of social media, Küdzoo went from having 4,500 student users in June to an impressive 55,000 by August. Wilkins see a big future ahead of his start-up, planning to increase the app to include social interaction in the coming years.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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