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App Review: Play2Prep Turns Test Prep Into a Game

App Name: Play2Prep

Produced By: Prep Games LLC

Cost: Free 

Devices: iPhone, iPad,iPod touch, Android Nexus 5, 7 and 10 

What does it promise?: Play2Prep promises to give users worthwhile training time before taking the ACT, SAT and/or PSAT. It's a customizable test prep tool. 

Does it deliver?: Play2Prep is both user intuitive and cleanly designed. Its simulated test questions are designed to help with time optimization. Streamlining retention has never been easier. The real reward is that learning is always in motion within gameplay. 

So what’s it really like? Play2Prep essentially lays out questions that are tailored to your skill level, which evolve as you progress. They’re all based off of real test questions despite being simulations. The most attractive feature is the explanation provided for each incorrect answer, helping along logical abilities while additionally enhancing core academic skills. The coolest feature, however, might be that you can compete against other users in test-based games. The competition factors really brings out a unique spirit to the centralized theme of learning as you prepare for one or all of these high-stakes multiple choice tests. 

The Countdown Game really puts users to the test as one gains up points by answering questions correctly as fast as possible. The daily leaderboard provides an extra push to create an even deeper competitive edge within the community of users; only enhancing testing skills further. 

Can I use it in the classroom?: With each user’s progress tracked, and all results staying confidential to the larger community, Play2Prep is the prefect addition to any curriculum or tutoring help that deals with the ACT, SAT and/or PSAT. Games like Ask & Answer let users send questions to other users, which are also customized to ability level. At the end of three rounds, the users with the highest score win. While this game is great for in-class use, it can easily help students who might want to use the game to study outside of the classroom. Play2Prep also perfect for filling short time periods during study halls since games can be played quickly. This app is one of the most engaging form of high-stakes multiple choice testing preparation available in an app, and even better, it's free. 

Article by Jason Papallo, Education World Social Media Editor
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